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Top 5 Changes in the Treatment of Heart Diseases

Health is a part of our life and we don’t ignore because it’s a very sensitive thing which we cannot neglect. In modern world everyone suffer from different type of diseases whether it’s a kid or an older people. If we talk about the cardiology diseases which is more dangerous to the health and it’s affect on the body organ. Stroke is a part of cardiology it is widespread and long-lasting problem.
In United States around 795000 individual suffer from stroke each year and it’s a 5th leading cause of death. Early treatment is very crucial for this disease and risk factor is more, it damages the brain but potential complications are minimized.

The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health examined that blood pressure and obesity are the risk factors for cardiovascular disease. While listening, these two diseases are very small but when they grow up they destroy the health.

Cardiovascular health affect the occupational group likes workplace stress, adverse work organization related to workload and total hours, shift rotation many more. Due to these things people suffer from heart attack and stress is a major factor of our life. So reduce the stress and make a life happy.

Day by day our medical history changes with new innovation, Technology, development many more. In early time we were assumed but now we deeply rooted history with theories.

In 1948 the first major contributions to the modern understanding of cardiovascular disease was the monumental Framingham Heart Study. This was the first study to identify hypertension and hypercholesterolemia as risk factors for heart disease but today our understanding and treatment of cardiovascular disease has changed drastically like Google Glass, Bioresorbable stents, Leadless pacemaker, Valve-in-valve procedure, Protein patch for heart muscle growth. These devices and procedures for diagnosing and treating heart conditions.

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Knowledge always Update but Can’t be Finished

Cardiac and vascular devices have been developed day by day which helped for the treatment of cardiac disorders, replacement and repair therapy.  If we talk about the surgery that Robotic surgery which has been favorable in a wide range for cardiac and vascular.

Cardiology is concerned with heart and discrepancy from a normal heart. It involve blocked blood vessels that can lead to a heart failure, chest pain or stroke but  other heart condition that affect  our heart muscle, valves and rhythm that are considered form of heart diseases.

Cardiovascular surgery is the main surgery on the heart vessels. It treat the complications of valvular heart disease, ischemic heart disease or to correct congenital heart disease from various causes.

Aurelius make the European cardiology conference different through research, current updates, the latest structure, new techniques of treatment etc.

The main objective of Aurelius Corporate Solutions is to commune science, technology & research between academic worlds, scientific practices, pharmaceutical industry, IT & business industries.

All major Aurelius conferences are recognized with Academic Conference Excellence (ACE), Continued Professional Education (CPD) & Continued Medical Education (CME) credits.

European Cardiology  2019 will be visited by all the cardiologist, cardiovascular surgeon, researchers, world-class professors, postgraduates, cardiology physicians, business meanders under a solitary rooftop.

In this conference eminent personalities, reputed scientists as editorial board members has been invite  across  the globe which they make conference fruitfully through knowledge.  We going to discuss on following session like Cardiovascular Diseases, Heart Devices, cardiac surgery, Interventional cardiology, Hypertension etc.